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So first off lets have a look at some washing machines that we can buy here in the UK.  There seem to be hundreds to choose from.  So we have narrowed the choice down to a few that we think are the best at the moment.  We also have tested these machines for noise and effectiveness.

This LG F1296TDA5  Washing Machine is the one we currently use.  It is very practical for us as we do a lot of laundry washing.  It has a 8 KG hold. You can also wash duvets in it.  It Is A++ energy efficient, saving you money on electric.  It is also as quiet as a mouse. You can put it on during the night and you wont hear a thing, trust me.

If you want a premium machine, this is the one.


Next we have a great washing machine that is a little lighter on the wallet. It is the Russell Hobbs 6KG listed here. Boasting 8 programmes to choose from, you can tailor the wash to your specific laundry needs. Whether you are in a hurry and need a quick wash or need to wash all woollen items, this model should have the right function for you. Amongst these functions is a baby cycle, a woollen cycle and a synthetic wash. The quick wash function is ideal when time is of the essence. If you are looking mid range, this is the best in its category.


And finally the last one is for the budget minded.  Its the Beko 6KG.  It has many great features that are on premium washing machines like A+ energy efficient and has 15 programme settings. Not bad at all.



Have a look on Amazon for the customer reviews also.  This will give you a good indication of whats good or not. But these three washing machine reviews by us are ones we would go for being in the cleaning business.